Our Riesling Lab has emerged as a Tantalus fan favourite and a fun opportunity for our winemaking team to geek out in the cellar each year with wild ferments, neutral barrel use and higher residual sweetness.

Inviting aromas of honeysuckle, lychee and mandarin orange flower burst from the glass all encompassed by classic Riesling notes of crisp apple and citrus. Flavours of grapefruit oil, ripe apricot and roasted pineapple keep you coming back sip after sip. The palate shows great weight, a result of time spent in neutral barrel with extended lees contact. True to our flagship Rieslings a lovely, bright acidity carries this wine through with great length.

Vintage Notes

The 2015 growing season gave us record-breaking heat but the balance in our Riesling remained intact. Curiously, once temperatures reach above 35 degrees Celsius, vines enter a dormant protective mode. Our very warm July in particular saw steady and slow ripening as opposed to what one might expect. Cooler September evenings soon arrived and offered a welcome relief as harvest commenced and the ripening phase finished off.
With a series of warm growing seasons behind us, our dedication to thoughtfully promote a healthy, balanced vineyard is paramount. Organic nutrient additions and precise canopy and irrigation management all play a vital role. In addition, we continue to farm as sustainably as possible – without the use of herbicides or pesticides. Our honey bee apiary is thriving and we’re amazed at the diversity of resident species that can be found on our property – a true testament for us to the health of our site.