2021 Piquette Gewurztraminer & Chardonnay

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Crafted in the spirit of experimentation, our foray into this style of winemaking blends our thirst for innovative fermentation with our focus on sustainability.

Piquettes are popping up across our country’s winegrowing regions – and for good reason. They are simply delicious and boast the refreshing, effervescent character of a lightly sparkling wine but in a unique, lower-alcohol style. They are also a nod to our desire to make the most out of every drop of the fruits of our labour.

Made by re-fermenting our grape skins and stems after first pressing, these were the refreshments of choice for French agricultural and vineyard workers looking to quench their thirst but still carry on with their work. Think wine but dialed back a touch.

A pretty flax in colour, with a slightly cloudy and effervescent character, a result of secondary fermentation in bottle - this “farmhouse-style” wine beverage is fun and funky. Aromas of pears, lemon lime soda, jasmine tea and apricot skin abound on our third addition to our Piquette range.

The palate is crisp and lively with flavours of peach green tea, Fuji apple, melon and honey. The perfect drink for Spring - we plan to enjoy this park side, poolside, beachside, etc..


Our “Chardonnay & Gewurztraminer Piquette” was crafted by taking the gently-pressed grape skins and stems of our Chardonnay with a small parcel of Gewurztraminer skins (from a neighbouring vineyard), rehydrating them with water for a couple of days and pressing them again.

The resulting two parcels of juice were fermented in aged barrels and “blended” prior to bottling, to produce an interesting, cloudy beverage that is reminiscent of skin contacted wines. The wine is bottled while still fermenting to capture a small amount of natural effervescence.

6.0% alc/vol. Drink well-chilled and during the sunshine season. Cheers!