2017 Riesling Lab

Our Riesling Lab has emerged as a Tantalus fan favourite and a fun opportunity for our winemaking team to geek out in the cellar each year with small batch ferments, neutral barrel use and wild yeast.

A golden yellow in the glass, this wine is brimming with aromas of Key lime, elderflower, ripe apricot and Gala apple. The palate is viscous and complex with a great interplay between residual sweetness and acidity. Flavours of ripe pear, apricots and peach stone, with fresh Spring honey and a wonderful earthy tone, showing off its wild fermentation pedigree. This wine is made for the patio, or the picnic blanket - pair it up effortlessly with casual summer fare!

Made from the “hard pressings” (when we press a little firmer into the grape skins to extract a more textural juice) of a handful of parcels of Riesling. Our 2017 release is comprised of 17 different ferments, hosted in a variety of different vessels - including 500L neutral oak puncheons, stainless steel and 20 Litre “carboys”.


After a cold winter with high snowfall, the growing season got off to a slower start compared to seasonal averages. We saw true bud break take place during the first week of May; a couple weeks later than seasonal averages. In contrast, the summer was hotter than average and sunny days made up for the late spring.

Although a smoke haze from provincial fires was present across the valley during parts of summer, the effect of this actually mitigated the hot temperatures. The result was a slowing of the ripening phase in our grapes, rather than allowing the sugar to accumulate too quickly over such a hot period. Although smoke taint was a concern for some areas of the valley we are lucky to have our site sit high enough on the hillside that we saw no influence on our wines. Overall our crop was slightly lower than average, leading to beautifully concentrated wines with great pedigree and ageability.