Jancis Robinson proclaims Tantalus Riesling in Top 10 Canadian Wines

From Bordeaux to Napa, it doesn’t get any better in the wine world than to receive the stamp of approval of British wine authority Jancis Robinson. The Washington Post called Robinson’s Oxford Companion to Wine “the greatest wine book ever published.”

Here’s what she had to say about her recent tasting of 70 Canadian wines: “The crème de la crème of… Canada

“I have done my utmost to score each of these wines in a serious global context rather than in a more flattering Canadian one. That Tantalus Riesling, for example, is well up to the quality of a German 2005 Riesling…”

She goes on to describe the 2005 Riesling as “Full, citrus and tropical fruit aromas – passion fruit? Very positive, punchy, pungent fruit – almost like a Marlborough SB (Sauvignon Blanc) in its assault on the palate. Kerpow!… Seriously good.”


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