New Tasting Room Exhibit by photographer KATIE HUISMAN

We are pleased to welcome a new photography exhibit from Vancouver/Kelowna-based photographer Katie Huisman.

Enjoy her works while strolling the tasting room and enjoying a tasting of our wines.


More on the exhibit from the artist:

Ho’okipa by K A T I E  H U I S M A N

For centuries we have used art to understand landscape. In the twenty-first century as imagery is increasingly accessible, we have become accustomed to experiencing a visual representation of life. I am interested in the intersection of experiencing life through art.

Ho’okipa is a surf beach on the north shore of Maui, its name ‘Ho/okipa’ means *hospitality* in Hawaiian. Hospitality is a relationship between a host and a guest.

The north shore pacific surf is humbling to engage with. The meditative process of watching the waves swell and break stimulates an intense yet harmonious reaction from the body. The same reaction can also be stimulated in the body of the viewer through an artist’s interpretation of the experience.

Katie Huisman is a photographer based in Kelowna and Vancouver. Her work is influenced by how we experience our environment. Katie is influenced by the late 19th and early 20th century movements that defined photography and uses this influence to form her response to reality. Although her practice is steeped in contemporary narrative, it illustrates her regard for photogenic history.

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