2013 Riesling Rendevous

July 14 to 16, 2013

We are hitting the road to Seattle, Washington this summer to help celebrate one of the world’s most noble varieties – Riesling! Tantalus will be among three other Canadian producers featured at this prestigious event.

“Riesling Rendenvous brings together leading experts and producers to explore the versatility of Rieslings from around the world, discuss issues and opportunities surrounding the advancement of Riesling, and forge alliances among producers and Riesling enthusiasts.

A member of the Riesling Coalition that brings events to North America, Australia and Germany on a rotating basis, Riesling Rendezvous is the largest event dedicated to Riesling in the United States. To date more than 35 producers will participate from Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, California, Idaho, Michigan, New York, Oregon and Washington.”

For more information and ticket sales, please visit: www.rieslingrendezvous.com





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