Photography exhibition at Tantalus

**Opening September 4, 2015**

We are pleased to present “On Light and Vision” – a photographic exhibition via Vancouver’s Capture Photography Festival – with artists Marten Elder, Scott Massey and Patryk Stasieczek.

From the curator, Meredith Preuss:

The works exhibited each present the viewer with an version of reality that extends beyond normal vision. Challenging the notion that seeing is believing, human perception is questioned as the camera becomes the ‘lens’ with which to investigate details like colour, light, and temporality which would otherwise remain invisible.

Using a studied and often scientific approach, artists Marten Elder, Scott Massey, and Patryk Stasieczek offer insight into photographic processes and the world around us. UV film, Infrared film, in camera manipulations, and darkroom experimentations are employed by the artists. With this handbook, their depictions of processes and places (the artist studio, downtown Los
Angeles, and the interior of British Columbia) reveal unexpected poetic qualities and traces of the artists’ subjectivity.

Ultimately, these three artists reveal the limitations of the camera’s ability to provide insight into a subject matter. With their varying conceptual interests, each artist presents a distinct way of challenging the camera’s objective and non-objective qualities and it’s tension with human perception.

Exhibition examples:

Scott Massey Spectrum Study 3 (day-night), 2013 courtesy of the artist

Scott Massey
Spectrum Study 3 (day-night), 2013
courtesy of the artist



Marten Edler


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